Can’t…. Stop….. 9Gagging…..

It took weeks to fulfill inspiration of this post, if you guys want to know about it, if not, yea, just okay, no matter.

I found this site pure by accident. Just googling some Bruce Lee‘s pictures then come up with this picture

It was not the real picture that i’ve seen back there, but this picture looks a very much like the picture that i’ve seen first in 9gag.

So, this picutre became interesting for me. I searched the source of this picture, then i found 9gag. So much jokes that kinda made me smile until laugh. Just so much fun.

SINCE THEN, i opened 9gag everyday a.k.a ADDICTED.

I’ve saved some of the pictures in my blackberry and put it as my display picture, example, this is friday, and i love friday, so i put this picture as my display picture.

Friday is my second favourite F word !!!!!

Back then, when i was dumped by that scumbacg boyfriend shit thing, i opened 9gag to cheer the day.

So much thanks to 9gag for making my life better than before.


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