21 Tips Reduce Pollution

  1. Reducing the number of cars passing by. For example by walking, riding a bike, public transport, or take a private vehicle with their friends (car pooling).
  2. Always take care of the car carefully so as not wasteful of fuel and the smoke does not pollute the air.
  3. Minimize use of air conditioning. Choose non-CFC air conditioning and energy efficient.
  4. Obeying the speed limit and do not carry too heavy loads on the car so that more effective use of gasoline.
  5. Minimize the use of chemicals.
  6. Buying a lead-free gasoline (unleaded fuel).
  7. Choosing environmentally friendly products. For example non-CFC perfume.
  8. Wearing plastic repeatedly. Difficult to decompose and the plastic waste causes toxic substances when burned.
  10. Sorting between wet and dry waste garbage and provide a place for both.
  11. Photocopying the back and forth or use paper that her side was still empty. Saving paper means to reduce deforestation. Green earth that can absorb better environmental pollution.
  12. Using a lamp with an appropriate capacity.
  13. When we use the restroom, do not forget to turn off the water after we use. Remember, the more water is wasted means that we participated in wasting natural resources.
  14. Decorate the house and the environment with native plants.
  15. If you use the toilet room fragrances, select that does not contain aerosols.
  16. Do not throw litter, especially in rivers, gullies and sea.
  17. Use more goods made of glass or ceramic, not plastic or Styrofoam.
  18. As much as possible avoid the use of goods / products with little packaging (sachets) because it will increase the amount of garbage.
  19. Familiarize brushing your teeth using a glass, rather than turn on the tap continuously. Do not waste clean water.
  20. As much as possible using a cloth or handkerchief to replace the tissue that is made of paper.
  21. Reduce unnecessary spending in order not to cause waste in the future.

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