Star Wars-The Force Awakens Review

There’s a bit odd spice about this episode. I’m guessing people who follow Star Wars epic yarns will understand.

Those who don’t really follow I will explain it.

First, the girl. She’s weird. Her story scenes are weird too.

Second, monster who reveal inside space ship. Octopus? Aren’t there any more creative monster to create?

Third, HAN SOLO’s death. Fuck me this film will not getting anywhere with everybody’s hero died.

Last, what the fuck is wrong with disney shit? Disney is for children. NOT a freakin STAR WARS.

You can be better than this Lucas.

Brown Canyon, Semarang, Central Java

beautiful semarang



Brown Canyon, as the local people called it. It’s in Semarang, Central Java, 3-4 hours from Jakarta, through the new highway toll made. Enjoy yourself the Indonesian canyon.

Need a guide? Please contact: 087770920344/ line: gitval

I guarantee you the best international travel guide in Indonesia!

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Karimun Jawa Island

i fucking miss the coconut here



Java’s #1 seaside visit! Who says Java doesn’t have blue sea? Who says you can’t enjoy white sand and fresh coconut beside the shore? Everything is cheap in Indonesia if you know how to travel backpack. Don’t miss this place. Don’t miss every second corner in this country. Need a guide? Please contact: 087770920344/ line: gitval

I guarantee you the best international travel companion in Indonesia!

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Amed Beach, Bali

love me like you dooooo



3 hours driving from Denpasar. #1 Paradise for people who do snorkel and diving. Pay 40K in rupiahs for snorkel equipment, and take the professional diving lesson near by. Spaghetti with orange juice may freshen up the day. Local restaurant with reasonable price located aside the shore.

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Coral Amed, Amed Beach

get your vitaminea here now!



This is a non-likely kind of paradise in metropolic minds. Get your vitamin ‘sea’ just here, in amed Beach, Bali’s #1 diving and snorkeling spot. It’s 3 hours from Denpasar. The long journey road is worth to travel, trust me. Bring yourself the snorkeling equipment and it will all be free. Rent it, and it’s affordable. Not everything in Bali must go expensive. Enjoy Bali, enjoy paradise.

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Pine Forest, Mount Pancar, Bogor

ah, sun adn trees…..



Good morning from tress, good morning from the sun. Be a part of the nature. Get out from your city life. Just 30 KM from Central Jakarta, approximately 1 hour driving (without traffic). Search for ‘Mount Pancar’ in your waze. You’ll get yourself new friends, trees.

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